When I was a kid, we took a lot of long car trips in the summer. To pass the time (and probably to keep me and my sister from fighting), we played the usual license plate, guessing games, and a homegrown game we creatively called “the car game”. We also sang a lot, and the songs I enjoyed the most were the rounds our father taught us (I’m sure our mother played some part in this too but for whatever reason, in my mind I associate them with our father)– Kookaburra, Fra’ Martino (Italian version of Frere Jacques), Row Row Row Your Boat, and so forth. I still enjoy singing them, though the occasions to do so are rare.

Someday I hope to choreograph a piece that is a round or a canon. The same counterpoint and unexpected harmony that are so beautiful in a round song would be fascinating to see visually. Although my piece will be more graceful and lovely than the one in the following video, I’m sure its entertainment value will never [intentionally] rise to that standard.

Happy Father’s Day, Papa.

(found via The Manolo)