I’ve gone to class for three days running now. Part of starting this blog was my desire to become newly committed to making time for dance in my life. At least this week, I have succeeded. I’m really starting to find my core. Not like I feel it when doing pilates or crunches (because I used to think I knew where my core was), but really feel the role it plays in my movement. It’s quite a revelation to me. What a difference in a releve` when you’re bringing yourself up with your core, rather than just your legs! I cornered my teacher after class tonight as I am having issues making clean jumps that cover any distance at all. He told me I have to make the jump from my core… before those were just words, but after a one-on-one tutorial it is another revelation to me.

I’m on a Modern streak right now– I had my first class with a teacher that is new to me sandwiched in between two days with a regular favorite. What I love about taking classes with a teacher on a regular basis is that you internalize the warmup and their movement vocabulary to the point where you don’t have to think too much about what move I need to do next, and instead focus on the quality of the movement and the presence of– yes– one’s core. Taking a new class with a new teacher, no matter how basic the level, is almost always challenging for me as I am pretty much just in copycat mode the first time. I am going to try to keep up with the new teacher because I can tell that she has a lot to teach me. I really liked the way she took the time to give each student (in a very crowded class) good feedback and adjust their form.

Taking classes from new teachers, even within the same genre, is often like learning a new genre to me. Teacher A’s Modern style is a bit jazzy, strong, and precise. Teacher B’s Modern style is flowing, synchronized with the breath, undulating, and grounded. It makes me wonder what sort of sub-genres there are within modern, or if it is wrong to try to classify them. I’m going to leave that research project for a future post.