I just called up the Audio Peephole. No, it’s not what it sounds like!

The dance company jill sigman/thinkdance has a number you can call for “a way for you to have a window into my artistic process– sonically. Just call 646/862-2855 (this is a normal 646 area code number– there are no extra charges or fees) and you will hear bits of text or music or environment or explanation about what we are working on.”

In my short life as a choreographer, I had never thought about the auditory aspects of the process, beyond the music that I used. Most of my choreography has appeared on my head (usually on the metro coming home from work), from whence it was written on a pad of paper and then– if it ever reached that point– physically hashed out in the small floor space between the bed and the closet. Why did it never occur to me to sound it out? Maybe because there was no one who I thought would be interested in listening? It’s just one more tool to file away.

Getting back to the peephole, when I called in this evening a recording spoke to me about our dual lives– the one where we sit in front of computers all day, get married, have kids and die– and the second one where we experience the radicalness of true connection with ourselves and human beings. She said, wouldn’t it be great if our second life became our real life? As I listened, abstract movements came into my mind that reflected the ideas and emotions in her words. I didn’t write them down so they’re lost, but it’s interesting how those words were able to inspire movement in my mind.