I just got this email from Amanda of Orquesta Ashe:

Come out this Saturday to Lamont Park, at the corner of Lamont St. and Mt.
Pleasant St., because Orquesta Ashe is bringing Cuban music to the streets
of Mt. Pleasant!!  DC Casineros will be performing in formal Ruedas during
the concert too!

Yes, our second year in a row, bringing free Cuban music and dance to the
Mt. Pleasant hood!

Time: Saturday, June 23rd, 5:30-7pm
Place: Lamont Park, at Lamont and Mt. Pleasant Sts. Washington, DC; in front
of Heller’s Bakery

Opportunity to dance, meet neighbors, and experience the Cuban flava of
Orquesta Ashe.

See www.tumbaoproductions.org for all of the latest information and concerts
of Ashe and DC Casineros.

We have tickets to Manu Chao tomorrow and won’t be able to go, but I guarantee you are in for an amazing time if you go. When Orquesta Ashe is playing, I can’t sit still! Plus, it is free and the weather is supposed to be amazing tomorrow.