I just came across a YouTube promo for a new movie, Mano. I saw a lot of familiar salsa scenesters in there, including Magna Gopal, Psyon Mauricio, and Tony Nardolillo (who appears to be the star), to name a few. Given those names I just mentioned, I know the dancing in this film is going to be top-notch and authentic. I’m not sure how the plot will stack up to the dancing–there were no less than three guns pointed at heads over the course of the 98 second preview, so I’m guessing a focus on guns and violence.

I tried searching google and IMDB for this movie, but was not able to find anything about it; therefore, I’m not sure if it is going to be on the big screen, or just released on the internet. At any rate, I can’t wait to hear more about this film. Tony– one of DC’s most talented dancers– headed out to Hollywood awhile back and I am glad to see he is doing well for himself. I’ll post more as soon as I hear anything, and I’m sure that StuckOnSalsa (which is where I learned about this in the first place) will as well.