I had planned to write a thoughtful, intelligent, and erudite response to Doug Fox’s post on Exploring the Economics of dance. Maybe someday I will, but here are my economics of dance for the past week:

Modern Advanced Beginner = $10.50

Modern Beginner II = $10.50

Modern Low Intermediate = $10.50

fireworks = $0

Modern I/II = $13

Broadway Jazz = $10.50

Shorts for dance class=$16
Graham Technique Workshop = $45

Total damage= $116
Being a little modern dancer in the rough=Priceless

This was not a typical week for me, though I wish it were (that is from a dance, not money point of view). Thank god I have a flexcard at JOM, or I would have spent about $20 more. Maybe next I need to switch in a few nights of salsa dancing, which is much cheaper ($5-10 cover). Also, I don’t typically take workshops, so a week where I take classes 6 days a week would normally be around $60. And I won’t even mention my upcoming salsa congress-related travel.

With my increased lessons, dance is starting to be a major financial investment for me, and it is worth it but I am worried about the long-term implications if I keep up my current schedule. I’m definitely trying to make sacrifices in other areas, like eating breakfast at home, packing my lunch, and shopping less for clothes. It is definitely worth it to me.

For the other dancers reading this blog, how do you justify various dance-related expenses? What sort of impact does the cost of it have on you?