Dance stuff I found from around the internet:

  • from Infinite Body shares a video celebration and tribute to black dance. I love the diversity of dance styles, the diversity of people, the editing, and the spirit of the whole thing.
  • Gray on Fame or Famine pays tribute to Baryshnikov, and shares stunning opening dance sequence from White Nights (must rent! choreography by Twyla Tharp!(Correction: though Tharp is the main choreographer for the movie, the opening sequence seems to have been choreographed by Roland Petit)).
  • NYT’s Gia Kourlas explores Danny Tidwell and the SYTYCD phenomenon. As an aside, I had no idea that he and Travis Wall were brothers. Their mother should be proud of herself for producing the rightful winner of last season and the probable (and probably also rightful) winner of this season. What is it with family dynasties on this show? Travis and Danny. Faina and that other Russian ballroom dude. Lacey and Benji.
  • Anthony from Addicted2Salsa gives a primer on my favorite musical and dance style– cha cha cha. He makes two key points: that it must be danced on the 2 (thank you Anthony! please send this memo to all the salsa dancers in DC!), and that cha cha gives us more space to play around with the music. You just can’t get into styling with a fast mambo as much as you can with cha cha.
  • And finally, I leave you with another random photo from the Winger. What can I say, I’m a huge sucker for cute.