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  • I love this article about Alvin Ailey’s street-level studio. I’ve walked by it many times on visits to New York but never had the pleasure of seeing it in use. I love that there is a bench for spectators and that a large crowd had gathered by the end of the class, enjoying the show. Thanks to DA…NCE for bringing this to my attention.
  • A dancer’s sexuality… does it matter? Does it play a part in the way a dancer dances or in their image? Swan Lake Samba Girl discusses. Personally, I think it depends on the genre of dance. I find that homophobia is totally rampant in salsa. I’ve heard so many instructors make ignorant jokes or comments about the way someone moves or in reference to a pairing. I don’t see sexuality as relevant at all in social dancing. A dance is a dance is a dance is a dance, whether it is a man dancing with a woman, a woman dancing with a woman, or a man dancing with a man. That is not to say that you can’t play with sexuality and identity in one’s choreography…but does the sexuality of the dancer matter? I think not.