I love my job and the travel opportunities I get with it (in moderation), but I’m also someone who finds comfort in a certain amount of routine. Being on work travel for 11 days straight has meant that I haven’t gone to dance class or to yoga class, that I have been eating badly (conference and meeting food…oy), and that I wasn’t able to watch So You Think You Can Dance this week.

I haven’t had much time for blogging, or a reliable internet connection during personal time; also, the lack of dancing means that I have fewer ideas bouncing around in my head that I want to write down. I’m also terrified of exploring too much on the internet, for fear that I see Harry Potter spoilers! I’d been planning to wait until the hysteria died down and get myself a cheap used copy, but the desire to discover the ending on my own may override that plan.

I did make it out for salsa one night this week, and I have a little down time this weekend that’s allowing the creative juices to flow a little bit, so I hope to get some more posts up over the next few days.