I have been traveling for work for far too long now and am THRILLED to be heading home tonight to see my husband and sleep in my own bed. Despite the best of intentions, in the 10 days I’ve been gone, I have wildly altered my routine. I’ve been eating badly and haven’t been able to go to a single dance class (and I even found a dance studio in one of the cities I was in but had too many work obligations and too much exhaustion to make it there). I did work out in the hotel on a few of the days and made it out to a salsa club one of the nights.

My saving grace presented itself to me during the final leg of my trip. I found a wonderful yoga studio and ended up going twice in one day! It was only a 5 minute walk from my hotel, it has a beautiful space, and I really liked both of the instructors I had. If you are in the Kansas City area, the name of the studio is Kansas Siddhi Yoga, in the Crossroads arts district.

For those of you that travel frequently how do you attempt to maintain balance? How do you pursue your normal lifestyle and your hobbies/passions (dance or otherwise) when your whole routine has been thrown off?