I finally had the time to take a look at last week’s videos from SYTYCD (thanks to MickeyWorld you can see all the couples).  I love watching Danny dance, and his and Anya’s foxtrot was great. Kudos also to the choreographer. Sabra and Dominic’s jive was great fun. Everything else was kind of meh, though I did actual appreciate Mia’s choreography for Lauren and Neil for not having ten bazillion pirouttes and lifts in it. I am SO OVER Lacey. She is clearly a carefully engineered media creation designed to pander to the male and tween vote. I’m sure she’s being set up for the “shocker elimination.” I’m not sure if the dancers have a say in their costuming, but if I were her I would not appreciate being dressed up like a piece of meat each week.

Moving on to the results show (videos here… thanks again Mickey!), I think this is the week where I start catching on to everyone’s gimmicks that used to make them cool and now make them look like one trick ponies. Anya was great in the couple dancing, but her solos all feel the same– the achilles heel of the ballroom dancers on this show. Danny… ok, he definitely made that solo up on the spot, and he totally lost his center after his customary twenty gazillion turns, but although he was lazy on this day, he is still the best dancer on the show. Intellectually, I thought Jaime’s solo was great, but enough already with showing off her crazy leg extensions (Melody, anyone?). Hok’s moves were original, but he was eliminated, so what’s the use. Lauren: not to be petty, but after dancing to a K-Fed song a couple weeks back and then making that comment about how she likes to pretend to be Chinese, I have a hard time loving her. Neil: great energy.

 I’ll be on an airplane during tomorrow’s show, so will have to do the video recap again.