My bro-in-law and programmer extraordinaire Colin has just launched a new web service that turns wine criticism and recommendations to the masses. The site is called Splash of Wine and it promises to be a great source for opinions about wine once it has established a good user base. It is still in alpha mode, so Colin welcomes your suggestions on improving it.

Splash of Wine is a new home on the web for information about wine.  It’s a brand new site, so although everything should (hopefully!) work, I need lots of feedback on how it can be improved.

The main feature right now is the ability to review wines, so you can build up a list of which wines you like.  Reviews can also be shared with other user’s (by selecting “publish” on the edit page), and you can follow other user’s reviews using syndication (Atom) feeds.

Other features include: record purchases, export your reviews to CSV files, embed reviews in your blog and search for recommended wines.  Additional features are in the works and suggestions are welcome!