The good, no, the fabulous news: Tomorrow I leave for Miami Beach with two dear salsera friends to soak up some sun and salsa at the Miami Salsa Congress. Woo hoo!!!

(BTW, I’ll have little or no internet access, so don’t expect too many posts before Monday).

The not-so-fabulous news: On Monday, I had a kitchen accident involving an avocado, a knife, and my left thumb. One trip to the emergency room later, I have three stitches and a very sore arm from the tetanus shot. The beach I can handle– I’m not much of a water person anyway. But the three days and nights of non-stop salsa dancing? Ayyy! I’m not going to let it stop my fun, but I hope there are plenty of salseros out there with a strong one-handed lead.

To my salsero readers, how tough is it to lead one-handed for a whole song? Are you up to the challenge? I’m thinking it could actually make you more creative– am I right?