With one very notable exception (Addicted2Salsa, which is excellent) there is a real lack of salsa-focused blogs that I can find. There are a few blogs out there that are dedicated to promoting events, lessons, and bands, but there’s hardly anything else. There are plenty of websites (I follow Stuck On Salsa and La Voz) where you can get pretty good content, but the interface is often confusing and there is no RSS feed. I’m really impressed by the level and depth of blogging that is going on in the tango community right now (see the sidebar for links), and wonder why they in particular have embraced it so much and we salseros have not.

If you know of any salsa blogs out there that are blogging for blogging’s sake, please post a link to it in the comments. I’d love to find more of them. I’m not looking for blogs that are primarily for the promotion of lessons, events, and bands, particularly when it is in the commercial interest of the blogger.