There’s a great dancer post by a guy named Dano on Addicted2Salsa about the benefit to salsa dancers of studying different styles of dance. 

Studying so much modern dance (and hip hop, jazz, and ballet) has really helped me as a salsa dancer. I have gained a lot of strength, control and a greater consciousness of my movements. Even the differences between modern and salsa enhance the other. In modern and ballet, we have to have a lifted, aligned core and relaxed but straightened, fluid upper body. In salsa, we are more grounded– our center is found by bending our knees and our shoulders and torso move in opposition to our hips and feet. While there is always the risk that too much modern and ballet will stiffen up my latin motion, somehow the contrast between the two makes me more conscious of the unique characteristics of the way you should carry yourself in each style.

Cross-pollination between dance styles is not just good for the dancer, but also for salsa itself. Salsa is such a mix of dance traditions already, that the best way to keep it alive and moving forward is by keeping it fresh and innovative. We can do this by incorporating and sharing our own personal hybrid style. I’m not saying that we should forget salsa’s traditional roots, but at the same time, its roots are such a diverse mix of styles to begin with.

Dano has included some video examples of other styles in his post. My favorite is a crazy Lindy Hop dance-offs.