Picture this in your mind: you are lounging on a chaise by the pool at a beachfront resort, beautiful tanned people are all around you. You have an exotic drink in your hand and an orchid in your hair. The gentle sound of waves tickles your ears, and a warm breeze washes over you with the scent of the sea. You alternately doze off in a state of contented bliss and awaken to chit chat idly with your girlfriends, who are sunning themselves nearby.

Tropical music begins to play in the background; all around you, people are tapping their feet, clapping, and spontaneously breaking into dance. You yourself cannot resist the beat and begin to shimmy your shoulders…

Is it a dream? A scene from a movie featuring fabulous ensemble latin dance sequences? No! It is the Miami Salsa Congress! There is a poolside DJ! This is actually happening in real life!

Look! A spontaneous poolside rueda!