When I regularly attend a specific modern class, I do so because of the teacher. Modern is not just one type of dance– it is many many different styles of dance that have been lumped together under one big umbrella for lack of better terminology.

It is no fun to have to learn a new teacher’s specific technique when all I had been dreaming about all day was doing my teacher’s warmup and combinations. Today we had a substitute teacher. Everyone else seemed to have gotten the memo and stayed home– this class is usually stuffed to the gills and today there were only eight of us. I’m sure this teacher is great, but it’s not what I’d been looking forward to.

I have finally mastered my teacher’s style to the point where I don’t have to think about remembering movement, and can focus on the quality of technique and emotion of my dancing. I was sorry to have a disruption to my growth in his class, but I look forward to his return next week!