I am making up for my lack of SYTYCD reviews for the last 2 weeks by liveblogging tonight’s show!

Pasha and Lacey’s Hip Hop: Great choreography and premise. Pasha can definitely get funky! It was nice to see Lacey fully clothed for once, but Pasha was definitely the highlight for me.

Sabra’s solo: Wow, she is a beautiful, powerful dancer. I love that she’s only been dancing for 4 years and yet is the best woman in the competition. One minor bone to pick… I didn’t feel that she really was interpreting her music very well, but the quality of the dancing made up for it.

Danny and Lauren’s modern: I wanted this piece to give me chills but it didn’t. Still, one of the most beautifully choreographed and danced pieces in the competition so far.

Pasha’s solo: Really, what is it with mannequins? But still lovely job… He really broke out of his ballroom mode.

Neil and Sabra’s jazz: Brava Mandy Moore on the choreography! This one did give me chills. So many things to like… Neil’s vault over the table, the kinetic quality, the drama, the use of the table as a third character. And I’m starting to like Neil a lot too. Sabra: still the best woman on this show! As Debbie Allen said, this is how we like our jazz (not so”itsy bitsy”).

Lauren’s solo: Meh. I feel like she does the same solo every time. She is technically very good, but her dancing just doesn’t speak to me. I don’t feel any deep emotion from her.

Pasha and Lacey’s waltz: As long as I wasn’t looking at Lacey, it was great. Pasha’s dancing was beautiful! Not sure what it is about Lacey, but I just don’t like anything she does. There is something so artificial and emotionless about her.

Neil’s solo: great emotion and sensitivity to the music. Although he does do a lot of acrobatic moves, it doesn’t feel too show-offy because he incorporates them so cohesively.

Danny and Lauren’s disco: It was a lot of fun and I love that song (Don’t Leave Me This Way). It was definitely technically difficult and well-executed and granted I don’t know much about disco, but it felt more like a disco-y contemporary dance than a real disco.

Lacey’s solo: Yes, yes, I’m sure it was great, but I just can’t love her. I always feel like she’s trying too hard to pander to the camera.

Neil and Sabra’s paso doble: Wow! That was awesome! Their expression and emotion is so powerful. Neil looked like a real matador. As Debbie said, Sabra really worked that skirt, among other things.

Danny’s solo: YES! Not only was his solo the best of the night– as usual– but he finally seems to be warming up a little to the camera (which I could care less about except that it would help him win the competition).

Tonight’s winner according to Maria: SABRA

Over and out.