After a 4-month silence, Earl Rush has started posting to his Salsa in DC blog again. Earl runs StuckOnSalsa, the go-to source for information on the DC salsa scene.

As I’ve said before, I find StuckOnSalsa very hard to keep up with due to its confusing layout and lack of RSS feed (My life is so crazy that if something doesn’t have an RSS feed, it pretty much doesn’t exist to me. Google has succeeded in world domination at least in my corner of the world– pretty much the only things I use online these days are Gmail and Google Reader for all my blog feeds). It also drives me crazy with all the flashing ads, impossible-to-find content buried under a myriad of links, and cringe-inducing quantities of spelling and grammatical errors.

At any rate, the Salsa in DC Blog is worth a look. In my favorite post so far, Earl pledges to stop being so lazy with the spell checker.

Other highlights include a not-so-fictional online salsa soap opera in installments, and some commentary on El Cantante. Keep in mind that Earl is a promoter (and certainly without him the DC scene would not be what it is), but it looks like he’s using his blog as an expressive outlet, and leaving the promotion to StuckOnSalsa. I applaud this separation and look forward to more frequent updates from here on out.