I pretty excited by the news that Clavekazi is opening its own dance studio in DC. This is the first dance studio I know of that is dedicated to salsa. Shaka Brown is an incredible dancer, and as we have seen, a savvy businessman. He has contributed a lot to our scene by imparting his unique style of mambo to countless students (I certainly wouldn’t be where I’m at in my dancing today were it not for his and Irene’s classes and student group). He also started the DC Salsa Congress, which is in its third year. I haven’t spoken to him about his plans for the studio, but I hope it will be accessible to the community in terms of more frequent educational offerings and affordable practice space (which is currently very difficult to find around here if you’re not affiliated with a studio). At any rate, I’m looking forward to seeing the new space and hopefully attending the opening party on Saturday night.