Funny enough, this week in the dance blogosphere, I found two references to soccer and dance–

The first, on Great Dance, makes the point that televised soccer, just like a televised dance performance, should give viewers the wider shots so that they can see the big picture and the interchanges between players/dancers to understand what’s really going on. Doug was frustrated by seeing a televised dance performance that focused too much on individual dancers and body parts, which compromised the viewer’s sense of the overall performance. Similarly, he dislikes watching soccer on American TV because it tends to focus to narrowly on the ball, the feet, the players’ faces; meanwhile, transmissions of the game from countries where soccer is really understood and valued, show much more of the big picture.

The second, on DC Dance blog reflects on what makes soccer so entertaining and absorbing in contrast to dance.

All this talk of futbol reminded me of an ad I loved that aired during the World Cup last year (FORZA ITALIA!!!), featuring the Brazilian team “dancing” through an airport with soccer balls, to the sound of Sergio Mendes’ Mas que nada.

This one, which has a more rhythmic quality, is set to a remix of the same song