Tonight we had our second rehearsal of my new piece. It’s actually coming along really nicely and I’m satisfied with what we’ve done so far. The musicality I want is there, and I feel pretty good about my choreography’s authenticity. My partner is very patient and helpful, and thank god. Tonight I came less prepared that I wanted (instead of composing like I was supposed to be during my free time this weekend, I had my nose in the new Harry Potter book), and I spent half the rehearsal trying to figure out where I was going with the new material I’d come up with. It was way too avant garde (euphemism for “totally wrong” or “too many ideas taken from modern class”) for what is supposed to be a fairly conventional salsa piece and I wish I had spent more time making sure it fit the music but I forgot my ipod at home today, blah, blah, blah. So rehearsal was good, but also not good, and the not good parts were all my fault. On a positive note, we showed what we have so far to my husband, and he liked it. It’s always good to be validated by an outside pair of eyes.

Then I went to CG. Since I don’t go out that often anymore, I always pray that I will not show up on an off night. Unfortunately, this was an off night. The best dances I had were right at the beginning and I would have been better off quitting while I was ahead. I could not find a partner for the lone bachata of the night (too many dancers in DC are bachata snobs), and while I did get to dance with one of my favorite partners for the only cha cha of the evening, I didn’t like the song, and something was off with our connection. I think my follow is changing– for the better, mind you– but it is messing with the connections I used to have with some of my favorite dancers.

Anyway, I’m feeling kind of funky right now, and not in a hip hop sort of way. I’m almost frightened that I’m somehow growing away from salsa. It’s probably just “growing pains” in my personal dance development. I think I’ve come up against a wall and once I break through it everything will be better.

Mostly I need to stop whining in my blog and go to bed.