I just set up a Google Alert for “salsa dancing” and on day 1, it has already paid off. I was alerted to not one, but three new things related to salsa in Iowa, which is where I grew up.

  • I have only had the pleasure of experiencing the Des Moines scene on one occasion, at Salsa Iowa‘s monthly social at the Hotel Fort Des Moines. It was a very friendly crowd, with two or three guys that were at a fairly advanced level. They made me feel so welcome and although I didn’t know anyone there, made sure that I met other women I could hang out with and that I was properly introduced to the good leads.  No one was friendlier than Dawn Downing, one of the folks behind Salsa Iowa. There is a little profile of her here.
  • Ruben Zamudio, her partner at salsa Iowa, keeps a blog on the Des Moines dancing scene. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but at first glance, it looks rather salsa centric 🙂
  • Finally, speaking of the Hotel Fort Des Moines social, there are some photos that were taken of some salseros there from a feature called “Your turn to be photo editor“, where you can pick the best picture from a sequence.

So there you have it, there is some serious salsa pride going on in Iowa!!