The New York Times has a fascinating feature called Habitats that looks at where people live. This week’s feature, In a Firehouse, Life with Art and Music, peeks in on a young couple in New Haven that renovated an abandoned firehouse. He is a musician and producer, and she is an artist. Their residence is on the top floor and the rest of the building houses a concert hall, a recording studio, and an art studio. What I would give for such a setup!!

As a young professional couple living in the DC metro area, my husband and I talk about cost of living and real estate a lot. At this time, home ownership is still a relatively unfeasible goal. Though home prices have gone down somewhat and we could technically afford to buy a crappily constructed hovel in exurbia, who wants to buy something you don’t really want to live in?

My dream home has a nice big, sunny room with gorgeous, shiny sprung wood floors for my dance studio. That is all.