I’m not sure if he coined the term or not, but Salsa Gigolo is all about blog love. I was the lucky recipient of such blog love in the recent past, and it made me feel all happy inside. Please add Salsa Gigolo to your blog feed, he has an intelligent and amusing writing style, and has great taste in music. His is a new blog, but it is my favorite salsa blog out there. His recent post on The 5 Stages of Salsa Addiction made me laugh out loud from its outrageousness.

It got me to thinking, couldn’t we all use some blog love in this otherwise cold and unforgiving world? So I am starting a new blog game (or “meme” as I believe they are called).

The object is simple– to give and pay forward blog love. Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick four recipients of your blog love. Who should get blog love? Why any blog that you love and that adds a bright spot to your day of course!
  2. At least one blog must be outside your own blog’s topic area (in my case, not a dance blog– if you have a chatty sort of blog that is not limited to one topic, feel free to interpret this loosely).
  3. You are limited to only one blog whose owner you know well in real life (i.e. a friend or family member)
  4. I suggest that one blog be a recent discovery, such as in the last month.
  5. Those blogs who have received your blog love are tagged and must pay forward the blog love.
  6. You may tag additional blogs to participate in the blog love meme
  7. Happy blog loving!!

My blog love recipients are:

1. Salsa Gigolo, for reasons stated above and for being the inspiration for this post

2. Printperson (my one relation), an accomplished artist who keeps a sketchbook journal that she has generously decided to share with the world. Printperson, who happens to be one of the two reasons I exist, travels to many places and makes beautiful sketches that you are sure to enjoy.

3.  La Nuit Blanche (my recent discovery), a tango blogger who has a lot of sass and a nice way of writing.

4.  Vanessa is… (outside my topic area and also a pretty recent discovery), a true conoisseur of the kitchy, the absurd, and the retro. Always amusing.

I am also tagging adiamondinsunlight and owlfish because I’d like to give them blog love too but have exhausted my friend/family quotient.