I have been perusing some swing dance blogs this week, and came up with a number of interesting posts that are worth a look:

  • Watch a video tribute to the Harlem Congaroos, and then watch the original clip from the 1940’s, which is all kinds of awesome on Alain’s Dance Blog. The energy level on that original clip is just incredible.
  • Over on Just For the Halibut, Bernadette finds her muse from the golden era of musical cinema.
  • Song and Dance shares a hilarious video of musical comedy sketch on the ubiquity of Pachelbel’s Canon (not dance related, but the rest of the site is and there are some interesting posts to peruse).
  • Carl’s Dance Blog talks about the importance of a live band that understands dancers’ needs. A dance band has a very different function than a normal band, and if a band doesn’t understand my needs, I’d rather have a DJ.