And now, my pretty new salsa shoes…

These black and gold ones are a new brand for me, Stephanie. Aren’t they purty? They are very lightweight and I can hardly feel them on me. The sole is incredibly flexible, more than I’ve had before, and I’m interested to see if it will be easier to dance on. The fastening is of the quick-release variety; you set the buckle to the tightness you want and then you slip it through a hook to fasten it. I haven’t tried these on the dancefloor yet, but hopefully this new brand will work out for me.


These are Elegance dance shoes, the empress model. It is a very snug fit and I’m looking forward to the added protection afforded by the smaller toe hole in the front. I actually got these to match a dress I got for a performance. They are a nice neutral color, but I think I’m going to have to scotchgard the suede so it doesn’t stain. Although I really like Elegance shoes (very sturdy construction, lots of cushioning and a good fit for me), I’m not such a fan of the fastening. You have to squeeze the strap through a tiny little slot that holds it in place through a tensioning mechanism. It takes forever to do, and for that reason I will never buy Elegance shoes that have more than one fastening, such as a double or triple strap.


I got these a while ago, but I’ve hardly worn them out as the fit is a little too loose. I also had to get the buckle fixed (they are Elegance shoes and the tensioning mechanism I mentioned on the buckle is kind of flimsy and fell out on these). They are gorgeous, though, aren’t they? When I start tango lessons these are the ones I’m going to wear.


Inspired by Miss Tango, I am going to name my salsa shoes. Comments are open for suggestions.

I have already named one pair (not shown here). I’m calling them “Old Faithful” because they are old, reliable, and they kind of smell, but not really of sulphur.