I had a very nice day. The weather was lovely and I went to brunch with some women from my modern class. I spent the rest of the day at the zoo with one of them and her sweet baby boy. I have been coming to this class for about 9 months now and although we always have good conversations in the dressing room after class, we always go our separate ways. This was the first time we did something together outside the studio, and it was lovely. We are making plans to do it again soon.
When I think about it, most of my close friendships in DC have been made through dance. I’ve met so many wonderful women through salsa. Our common social activity was the initial reason for bonding, and we’ve since discovered so much compatibility and companionship beyond that.

It is also fun to read the blogs of other women who love dance and talk about their own dance sisterhoods.

It is so nice to have friends that share this same passion and that are rooting for me every step of the way, because they share the same feelings too. Here’s to my dance sisters!