It seems like there has always been some dance craze or another that all the cool kids are doing. I wonder how they spread so quickly prior to the internet? Now with YouTube you don’t have to go to a nightclub or a school dance to learn about the latest dance craze.

I’ve recently read about two dance crazes that are spreading like wildfire via YouTube.

The first is something coming out of France called Tecktonic (sounds cooler when said with French accent). It looks like Madonna-era vogue dancing on hip hop-ed up speed. According to this article, young folk in Paris are carefully studying this dance form on their computers at home and then taking it out into the street. [thanks to Ed Gruberman’s blog for this link… it’s all about the WordPress tag surfer, people]

Here is an example from a dance video by Yelle:

And a homegrown version:

The second one is interesting because it was clearly intended for viral video status. The music video for Crank That by Soulja Boy actually depicts people watching the dance on the internet and cell phones.

Then if you go on YouTube and type in Soulja Boy, one of the first things that is going to pop up is the instructional video for the Crank That dance, taught by Mr. Soulja Boy himself. Interesting that the artist designed this song to be entwined with a specific dance from the get go.

This is distinct from many other dance crazes in that the steps are actually pretty complex for a widespread dance (compare to the macarena or the elecric slide). Increasing the viralness of this, there are thousands of videos on youtube of people doing the soulja boy dance, like this one:

Speaking of the electric slide. According to this story from NPR, I’ve been doing it wrong all my life and could get sued for it by the self-proclaimed inventor.