I’ve been wondering for a while where all the salsa blogs are. As I’ve posted before, with a few notable exceptions, we salseros are light years behind, say the tango community when it comes to blogging. A couple years ago, DC salseros communicated via a variety of discussion groups (such as on Yahoo groups). Just like a hot nightclub or a high school clique, these message boards each had their heyday and then slowly died out.

Somewhere in there, I got married, changed jobs, explored other forms of dance and as a result was on the DC salsa scene a lot less. Enter the DC Salsa Meetup group. I was at Caribbean Breeze (which has since gone defunct and started up again) and a guy I  danced with told me he was one of the Meetup organizers.

Don’t get me wrong, the man was incredibly nice and a great dancer, but in my mind a salsa meetup was just for beginners that didn’t know who to dance with. I may go out infrequently now, but I still know plenty of people and don’t have any lack of partners.

So I’m having lunch with a friend a month or two ago and she tells me that everyone who is anybody is on the meetup, and that many events’ hotness and success are pretty much determined by the meetup selection. I signed up, got the emails, occasionally got the emails, and that was that… or so I thought.

I went online yesterday to RSVP for something or other and I see a link: “Messages.” I click on it and discover a whole new world of salsa chat that rivaled the golden era of message boards past. I’m feeling good now because I’m finally clued in to the DC “salsa hideout.”

I believe the answer to my salsa blog  quandary has been found. Salseros are just social animals and need the immediacy of message boards and chat rooms. Things haven’t changed much since I was more of a scenester, and that is reassuring.
If you have found your way to my blog via my meetup profile, welcome! and PS, we are in need of a few more good salsa blogs….