In recent years, it seems that dance has become a lot more prevalent in TV advertising. In a world of obnoxious ads that make me turn the channel, it’s a pretty savvy move from corporate America (at least for holding this consumer’s attention). The best of them are quite entertaining.

This GAP commercial may have been one of the first to embrace this trend with their famous khaki swing dance ad:

My favorite of the moment is from supermarket chain Bloom. They have several versions of a commercial in which happy employees dance around a customer with cart amongst the produce and cash registers:

I have to credit Selly from Dance Outlook for this find— Jaime from SYTYCD appears in a McDonald’s salad commercial in which the dancers represent different ingredients. I really don’t like McD’s (I’m vegetarian and after seeing Super Size Me I won’t eat anything from there), but I have to admit it is a really cool commercial with some beautiful dancing in it:

In general, Target has some really engaging, stylish ads. This one doesn’t have dance in the traditional sense, but a lot of interesting choreography:

Then there is the Hanes commercial featuring Momix, which I think did a really smart job of getting the message across about comfort and flexibility through the dancers’ movements:

I leave you with one of my favorites of all time, a DSW ad with some major shoe porn for my salseras and tangueras. A friend told me that it really got her believing that if she bought her shoes from DSW that she could dance like that: