This story  is not apropos to dancing, but I thought it was a sweet little DC moment. And given the number of annoyances I encounter on Metro, this was really nice:

I was doing my crossword on the metro yesterday morning, and noticed the man sitting next to me was doing the same one (in that day’s Express) as well. I could tell that he was glancing over at my page from time to time. I take a great deal of pride in myself if I can finish the crossword on my own, so I exercised great restraint in doing the same of him.

As he neared his stop he blatantly examined my answers. I said to him, jokingly, “Hey, no cheating!.”

He responded, “I was just checking to see how far you were coming.”

Yeah right, I thought. I said, “If you want one of the long answers, I’ll give you one.”

He nodded.

“20 across [‘Pfeiffer film’ was the clue], DANGEROUSMINDS.”

“Ok, here’s one for you– 55 across [‘environemental concern’], HAZARDOUSWASTE.” Then he added with a smile, “I work for EPA.”

It only struck me afterwards that I should have added, “I work in education,” but the Metro doors had already closed behind him.