Is it just me, or is journalistic coverage of dance in all its forms– concerts, companies, personalities, and the social dance scenes– pretty lacking in DC? (or dare I say it, crappy).

It makes me wonder, what makes for good journalistic dance coverage in any given city? Does there need to be a critical mass of performances and groups in a city to get decent coverage? Or does it just depend on the priorities of the paper and its market? The New York Times has always been known for its Arts and Culture section, in addition to news coverage.

Political coverage is what the Washington Post is known for, not the arts, but that doesn’t excuse its absolutely abysmal coverage of any of the arts and culture scene, and particularly dance. Post articles about dance are truly few and far between, even at the height of the performance season, and very few have ever struck me as interesting, controversial or thought-provoking in the way that pieces in the NY Times and the Village Voice have. I’m not saying that the offerings in DC come in any way close to what’s going on in New York, but there really is a lot going on– certainly more than I ever have time to money to go see. I just want to read some really thought-provoking or controversial articles about our own little scene.

 Am I on target? What’s coverage like in your city? What do you think makes for good dance coverage from the mainstream media in any given town?