Although I try to take stock of things I have to be thankful for throughout the year, Thanksgiving is always a time of deeper reflection for me.

One thing I am constantly thankful for is my wonderful husband, family and friends. You each support me, love me, and accept me for who I am in your own way. Each of you contributes something unique to my life that makes it that much richer and joyful. You are there when the going gets tough and you rejoice with me during the happy times. Thank you a million times over to all of you.

 My gratitude would not be complete without mentioning dance. In the relatively short time dance has been in my life it has transformed me in many ways.

Physically, it has made me a more fit, healthy person– and injured toe aside, I am grateful for my health each day that I have it.

Mentally, dance challenges me and expands my mind. Even the physical challenges make me mentally stronger. Internalizing technique and choreography is strengthening all my neurons and increasing my spacial intelligence and coordination.

Intellectually, dance has given me a whole new world to learn about, and I am discovering new things every day– learning from the different classes I attend, concerts I see, people I meet, and blogs I read.

Emotionally, dance feeds my soul. When I found dance as an important part of my life, it filled a void I didn’t even know existed in me. It brings me joy and satisfaction, and lifts me up when I’m having a bad day.

Coming back full circle to my incredible support network of family and friends, I have made some of the best friendships of my life through dance. It’s so wonderful to have friends that are not only compatible with me on a personal level, but also understand and share my passion for dance.

Writing in this blog has given me a creative outlet I didn’t have before. I’ve always loved to write but never could find the time or motivation. Dance gave me a reason to become a better and more frequent writer. Thanks to all of you have have commented on this blog and given me feedback and support.

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you spend your day in good company, and with good food!