You know how you pick out the best student to stand behind when you’re new to a dance class? You hope you can learn something from them, emulate them, and that their grace and skill will draw attention from your fumbling attempts to keep up.  Yali is that person.

When I started my modern dance class, I stayed close to Yali, and in the process of me hounding her for advice, we became friends. Sadly, Yali has moved *sniff* back to Paris after many years in the DC area. Lucky for me (and for all of you), she started a blog as she was leaving to stay connected with her friends and to write about dance.

So far she has posted about a redeeming experience at the Alvin  Ailey School, about one of my personal heroes and friends, and answered the question “when is a moden dance class not a modern dance class?” (answer: when it is a yoga class). I look forward to reading more!

Check out Yalinet here.