The treadmill: not just for exercise anymore.

This music video for Here It Goes by the band OK Go has been very popular on the internet. I love that it is done all in one shot, and the choreography and use of exercise equipment as dance partner is pretty innovative.

OK Go were not the first to conceptualize a treadmill dance, however. Take the opening song to The Taming of the Shrew in the play-within-the-movie Kiss Me Kate. The gondola-rowing action is particularly masterful.

(I apologize for the craptastic quality on this video. I couldn’t find any existing clips and have no idea how to properly transfer video from DVD so I videotaped the DVD playing on my laptop. Someone please let me know if I’m violating all sorts of copyright laws.)

As with so many of these dance crazes that rise to popularity via youtube, an astonishing number of people have tried to recreate the OK Go treadmill dance and posted to youtube. Of course, it’s kind of lame when you only have one treadmill. However, some even managed to secure the appropriate number of machines at a healthclub for their own youtube shoot. None of them are worth showing (though you can view two examples via the links in the previous sentences).

The most successful recreation did not employ actual treadmills. Here is a swing dance piece which incorporates the Ok Go choreography quite effectively.

This, on the other hand, was too wierd not to share. Yes. It’s a shrimp. Running. On a treadmill. To the music of OK Go.

For an amusing take on dances with another type of inanimate object, check out Move the Frame’s blog post on Chair Dances.