There’s been no Dance on the Web for so long because I’ve been majorly behind on keeping up with my blog feed lately. I’ve whittled it down a bit now, but a few days ago I had about 800 unread dance posts in my feed, and that didn’t include any of the non-dance blogs I keep up with! Here are a couple highlights I’ve come across as I dig myself out from the backlog:

  • We can now enjoy So You Think You Can Dance year-round thanks to the Australians (and the Canadians) and the wonders of internet video [Blogging SYTYCD].
  • Justin Peck of the New York City Ballet documents his transformation into Mother Ginger for the Nutcracker. Pretty incredible and incredibly amusing [The Winger].
  • Artists who do not write about their work are allowing others to speak for them [Dancing Into the Future].
  • The San Francisco Ballet has commissioned a piece from Wade Robeson, my favorite choreographer from SYTYCD [Dance Outlook].
  • What salseras want [Salsa Gigolo].
  • “My posts will be brief but full of useful info. The shorter it is, the more you will retain.” [The Winger].