Everyone’s doing “best of 2new year babies007″ rankings and such, but rather than dwelling in the past, I’m ready to embrace the new.
Here, in no particular order, are a number of dance blogs I’ve recently added to my blogroll. Some are new and some have been around for a while, but I’ve just begun following them in the last month or two.
  • Dance Primer is aimed at the beginning dancer, particularly adult learners. There are some good tips and reflections, particularly for those trying out the various social dances.
  • Dancing Perfectly Free seems like an independent version of the Winger– ballet focused, and with slices of the bloggers’ lives, but also with some more general interest content. It’s pretty new, so I haven’t gotten much of a feel for it yet, but look forward to seeing how it develops.
  • kk’s world, duly noted is a local DC blog by Kelly from Contradiction Dance. It’s not strictly focused on dance, but I enjoy reading about the inner poetic workings of a dancer and choreographer. I’m particularly enjoying the bar nap poetry she posts from time to time.
  • My Dance Place: The Dancer Universe Blog from Dancer Universe, which seems to be a portal for many dance-related topics, and primarily aimed at the young competition/performance set. However, the blog holds lots of promise with its multi-blogger format, which makes for a nice diversity of content ranging from the gossipy to the silly, to the philosophical.
  • I was familiar with Matthew Murphy from the Winger, and was turned onto his personal blog, Ranting Details about two months ago. It has been very touching to follow Matt’s struggle with an illness that has left him unable to dance with ABT this year, and I hope to follow him through to a speedy recovery. While I often struggle with keeping a balance between my passion for dance and the rest of my life, it must be ten times as heart-wrenching when the cause is beyond your control and affects your very livelihood. I enjoy the humorous and at times poignant point of view on Ranting Details.
  • Though at times painfully obtuse (at least for me– I may hold an advanced degree, but I have no academic foundation in dance, so maybe it’s my own shortcomings) quodlibet provides a delightfully intellectual point of view on dance, with a nice little extra sprinkling of interesting links and gorgeous photos. My biggest qualm– other than the occasional lack of plain English– is the tumblr format, which does not allow readers to comment on the posts, and thereby eliminating one of the nicest aspects of blogging. If I wanted to respond to anything on quodlibet, I’d have to email the author or post something on my own blog, which fragments the discussion. Despite those shortcomings, I always enjoy reading this blog.
  • IndySalsero is not new, but seems to be posting more frequently now. There have been some interesting posts lately, such as on the bane of my existence lately– ballroom posture in club salsa. It’s always nice to have more active salsa blogs out there.
  • DC local Daniel Burkholder’s new blog on Great Dance, act/re/act has some interesting reflections on choreography, teaching, and improvisation. There have been some interesting debates on this blog, including one about elitism in dance.
  • Moving Space and Time, from dancer Shallom (who has done a lot of work here in DC), has some very good writing, reflections and a couple videos of the dancer in action. This is one of those blogs that is just a pleasure to read.

Check them out, and let me know if there are any new ones I’ve missed that are worth noting.