I think I would be a brilliant choreographer if I could just somehow record all the people dancing around in my head. Somehow I still haven’t managed to take the highly innovative and artistic ideas I have over the threshold of my mind into reality. One time when ideas are clearer is when you have just awoken after a dream, but by the time you’ve woken up enough (if you don’t fall back asleep) those thoughts have become fuzzy and incoherent.

Enter the Dream Recorder. While it’s not a TiVo for my head, it does seem to visually detect certain dream patterns from visual cues as you sleep, gently awakens you with a sound, and records your voice as you groggily recount your dream. It can also be used to wake you up at the most optimal moment in your sleep cycle, which, given the insomnia and subsequent daytime exhaustion I’ve felt lately, might not be a bad idea.

Via tango blogger Danzarin.