From Falls Church Arts. (FCA has not typically reached out to dancers but they have included dance in their description and I don’t see why it can’t be a good place to start):

Dear Artists and Friends,

Falls Church Arts needs your art – and in a hurry!

FCA is quickly pulling together an exhibit that will open at the February 1 FIRSTfriday and run through mid-March at 111 Park Avenue and needs your help to get it off the ground.

This exhibit will introduce an FCA collaboration with Creative Cauldron on an exciting, year-long series of performances, workshops, and art exhibits — The da Vinci Passport (described in more detail below).

For reasons that will be clear if you read this admittedly long email, we are looking for works that evoke one or more of the seven da Vincian principles of genius, as explored by Michael Gelb in his book How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci.

These principles are curiosita, connessione, sensazione, sfumato, dimostrazione, corporalita, and arte/scienze. (Click here for the principles
in English!

FCA is asking artists to submit work for this exhibit that evokes one or more of the above categories.The exhibit will consist of a display explaining the principles along with the art that illustrates them. We will ask the public to “vote” as to which principle(s) each piece illuminates as a way to encourage visitors to look deeper into the art and interpret for themselves what connections can be made.

Please take a look at your available work and choose one piece that you think resonates with one or more of the principles. Call me at 703-533-0775 or email at to make arrangements for pick-up or if you have questions. The art may be for sale or not, depending on your wishes. Michele Black and I will be curating the exhibit and will make the decision on what it includes, based on our goal to have a broad and varied show that reflects the principles.

We’d like to have an exciting introduction of The da Vinci Passport program on February 1 and hope you will be able to participate.

Marty Meserve

President, Falls Church Arts

The da Vinci Passport- A creative way to everyday renaissance through performance, art, and lifelong learning

Falls Church Arts and Creative Cauldron invite you on a journey of discovery, imagination, and self enrichment through a series of theatrical performances,
dance, music, and art. Along the way, you will examine principles that the first Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci, used to nurture and develop his genius. The da Vinci Passportwill offer unique, interactive artistic events, workshops, and open panel discussions that invite participants to more fully explore their curiosity, truly awaken their senses, and discover the beauty of the worlds within and around them.

Following the FCA opening exhibit, the series’ performances kick off with….

In Leonardo’s Workshop

February 16 at 7:30 pm at the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment

An engaging interactive multimedia performance, originally created in conjunction with the Washington Revels for the Library of Congress. Performer Oran Sandel invites you to visit the workshop of Leonardo’s mind to experience firsthand how a genius thinks.
The da Vincian principles, as explored by Michael Gelb in his book How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day, will e our starting point for this year-long series and will be the framework on which the various events will be built. They are curiosita, connessione, sensazione, sfumato, dimonstrazione, corporalita, arte/scienze, and connessione.


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