This summer, I read with interest on Tonya’s and others’ blogs about the much-hyped Bad Boys of Dance. It sounded pretty cool but not the kind of thing that would grace us with its presence here in DC. Boy was I wrong.

Echo Park Contemporary Ballet, which as you will recall from my previous post is an exciting new prospect on our DC dance scene, has followed up the securing of a new studio space in Takoma Park with several interesting pieces of news:

  • Former Artistic Director Cedric Tillman is now the Executive DirectorRasta Thomas (of Bad Boys fame) is now the Artistic Director of the company.The Bad Boys of Dance, presented by Echo Park, will be in concert next month. Here are the deets from the press release:
    • Executive Director Cedric Tillman invites all to attend an evening of dance artistry certain to draw attention and acclaim on February 22-23, 2008 at the Jack Morton Auditorium /George Washington University Campus 8:00pm. Echo Park Contemporary Ballet is pleased to announce the “Bad Boys of Dance” set, staged and choreographed by our newly named Artistic Director Rasta Thomas. This will mark the first time the bad boys of dance have appeared and performed in Washington, DC. Featuring a new work entitled “Love Hang Over”; this performance will showcase the talents of America’s most renowned male dancers from stage to screen. The Bad Boys are in rehearsal here in DC with anticipation of their DC Debut.
    • UPDATE: Echo Park has a website now, too. You can find it here.
    • UPDATE 2: Here is the corrected staff list:
      • Cedric Tillman/Executive Director
      • Kenneth Rascher/Director of Operations & Productions
      • Rasta Thomas/Resident Artistic Director
      • John Asbury/Company Manager

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