As if I didn’t have enough body image problems from seeing myself in floor-to-ceiling mirrors in a leotard next to skinny college-age dance students, I have now been insulted by randomly generated spam pingback. Spammers set up phony websites that harvest random information from the internet, in the hopes that search terms will pull them up so they can bombard you with their ads and viruses. One of the delightful ways they do this is by copying your blog post (or part of it) and inserting some random screen name as the author, and then linking back to your post. When someone links to my blog, I get a notification (aka a pingback). You can tell it’s automatically generated because of the interesting syntax.

Here’s what I got today:

(fattylady39) wrote an interesting post today on Here’s a quick excerpt rondes de jambe in the sand, Palm Beach

The question is, are they calling me a fattylady, or did fattylady39 plagiarize my post? Either way, I am not amused!