It’s amazing how many videos pop up when one searches for “dancing dog” on youtube (don’t ask… I don’t have too much energy for anything intellectual right now). These talented animals seem to fall into three categories:

1) dogs that are trained to dance and generally dance together with their human in a carefully choreographed sequence (with the human sneaking the animal treats as positive reinforcements;

2) dogs that go crazy when they hear music but just kind of generally shake/jump/roll around in no particular relation to the music;

3) dogs that have an innate sense of rhythm and just seem to enjoy dancing, without any sort of encouragement, motivation, or treats. It is this last category that delights me the most, maybe because it shows that we humans have more in common with animals than we think– in this case that we are each born with our own motivations, talents, and likes. We saw this with the dancing cockatoo video that was all over the internet a few months ago.

This video shows what appears to be a street dog somewhere in the Middle East that is doing its own thing. I love when the video cuts to the men dancing and you see that the dog is imitating the same style of dance.