I’ve been completely out of it with a nasty illness since Friday. Other than our outing to Mark Morris, for the last five days I’ve been completely married to NyQuil, honey lemon tea, the couch, and Bravo reruns of Project Runway and Millionaire Matchmaker. It was so delightful to turn on my computer and have my day brightened by some seriously nice props.

Thank you so much to:

Doug Fox of Great Dance for saying nice things about my writing and some attention to my Mark Morris review in his most recent post.

Boris Willis of Dance A Day for giving me the most amazing compliment ever in his comment on my Mark Morris review:

Great review Maria. There has been much talk about reviews lately and this is an example of a well written and informative text that is both personal and insightful. I have seen the work many times and I know some of the company members and yet your review was enlightening. Too bad you aren’t the top critic at the Post.

The Washington Post Local Blog Directory for making A Time to Dance one of their top picks for today, February 19.

And last but by no means least, thank you to the wonderful Mr P for taking such loving, tender, and patient care of me during my illness.