This is better than in New York,” Michelle Turner-Goldsmith, a 21-year-old Frederick resident and George Washington University alumna, said of the line’s length outside. Turner-Goldsmith, who trained at Twinbrook School of Ballet under Phyllis Blake, plans to do a mixture of ballet and African dance for her improvisation.

Every year, it seems that people feel the need to fuse a variety of dance styles for their audition to stand out, when in fact that trend seems to be occurring in the majority. It’s only 15 seconds for crying out loud! I feel that the people that focus on doing one thing well tend to stand out for their technical ability and expression. Ballet + african really just seems to = modern, no?

Let’s face it, the judges just want to you be able to have extensions that go past your nose, to dance “sexy” if you are a woman and dance “masculine” if you are a man, to be able to do at least 10 consecutive alternating pirouettes/fouettes, and have leaps that clear at least 6 feet.