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I was tagged a super long time ago by koolricky of tangologue. I don’t normally do these things, but will give it a shot in the spirit of blog love.

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1. I met my husband, the wonderful Mr P, in the bar of a nightclub, typical pickup line and all. So for anyone who thinks true love can’t be found in those meatmarkets, there is hope!

2. When I was 4 years old, I changed my name. Maria is my given name but I was always meant to be called by a family nickname. Upon hearing a certain song from West Side Story, I refused to be called anything else from that day forward. Certain members of my family are still a bit miffed about it.

3. I am a very grumpy person in the morning. Do not attempt to engage me in any sort of interpersonal interaction during the first half hour after I have woken up.

4. File under TMI: I have a hole in the back of my throat. Presumably from when I got my tonsils out as a child. It’s no big deal normally, but I once got a piece of julienned cabbage stuck in it and had to go to the emergency room to have it removed.

5. I love ridiculously stupid movies of the 1990s SNL variety. I feel no shame in admitting to you that Billy Madison is one of my favorite movies ever.

6. While we’re on the topic of movies…The coolest-sounding job I ever had: subtitler. Basically, I got paid to watch movies all day. I say coolest-sounding because it was at times tedious, low-paid, and because I had to do the whole Dirty Harry series, but it was also really neat at times. I think the most interesting project I ever did was subtitling a film that was done in Sicilian dialect. I worked together with a native Sicilian speaker who translated the dialogue into Italian, which I then put into English.

7. My immediate family lives in three different countries: US, Italy, and England. It certainly makes getting us all together a challenge, but we keep in pretty good touch thanks to the internet. In addition to me, my mother and sister both have blogs, while my father is a very good letter writer.

I’m tagging Dance Outlook, DC Dance Blog, Bourgeon, kk’s world, Bellydance Experiences, Dance Primer, and Lime Mine Aria