I just read on Dancing Perfectly Free that Deborah Jowitt, dance critic for the Village Voice for the past 40 years, has lost her job.

Jowitt is the critic I most enjoy reading. She is witty, observative of subtlety, and has a lovely way with the English language. One of my first posts on this blog was about her. As I develop in my own dance writing, I’ve been inspired by her very human and accessible approach to criticism, one that says it’s okay to be amused or confused sometimes.

I’m not sure what the Voice’s thinking was here. I know that the economy is tanking and all, but aren’t there other corners they could cut, other than one that brings joy to those of us who are passionate about dance?

There is a little more detail on the firing, as well as a nice tribute to her contributions and importance at Art Scatter.

Also a broader take on the Voice’s woes in general at Gawker. As one commenter points out, “Most Gawker peeps are probably too young to remember when the Voice was actually exciting, at least in terms of its book, film, and music reviews and other cultural stuff.” With the exception of Jowitt’s reviews, I have never been a reader of the Voice, but in the past had always heard of it as being the more cutting-edge, socially, culturally, and artistically relevant publication in New York. I guess now it has just become yet another money-grubbing and uninteresting rag.