This ad from Glade scented candles has some nice dancing in it.

But what message is this device (i.e., carefree dancing among flowers) really sending? We all know that marketing is a carefully honed science in which advertising content is carefully designed based on psychology, surveys and focus groups to target a particular market.

It seems that dance is often used in advertising to show a brand as something that will make you feel carefree and happy. The ads I compiled in a previous post on dance in advertising almost all give us this feeling.

When I saw the glade ad my first thought was how the movement was an effective metaphor for the scent spreading quickly around the room (which is the advertised benefit of this product). The dancers use their full range of motion, surrounded by swirling flowers that traces their movement. However, this pointed commentary from momblog speaks to the ads subliminal message– that this product will somehow make the modern woman’s housekeeping (cause let’s just assume it’s the woman who has to do it) more fancy free:

“In a day and age when more kids are raised by daycare, fast food is a mealtime staple, the family calendar is an impossible attempt to coordinate schedules and people can’t go anywhere without a Bluetooth stuck to their head; how do we get the insult and idiocy of a marketing campaign which reduces a modern woman’s day into the struggle to find the right scent? And then dance about it?”