Ok, I’m four days late, but better late than ever

First things first. By consensus of my readers, the mysterious circle-worshiping necklaces are apparently wireless microphones. It’s a sneaky way to do it and explains why there was some creative accessorizing with scarves this week to try to disguise them. Yes, the viewers have caught on. Seriously, half my traffic this week was driven by folks googling “step it up and dance circle necklace.”


My assessment of Step It Up and Dance‘s episode 4 was summed up by Nick this week, when he said “twenty years of ballet class down the drain.” They got all these amazing technical dancers on the show, and now they’re losing them (James, Jessica, and this week’s eliminee, Tovah) one by one with challenges that have little to do with that rigorous training. It begs the question as to what dance really is and what the criteria should be for determining who the best dancer is.

This week’s challenge was an infomercial for the new Stomp show (cause let’s face it, there is most likely some mutually beneficial business arrangements going on behind each week’s featured challenge).

The audition challenge involved the dancers learning a short combination from the Stomp cast and then showing that they could feel the beat and improvise to it as well. Jenelle, who unfortunately had immunity this week looked the most ridiculous of all in the audition, jumping up and down like a gorilla. Oscar and Tovah, who looked increasingly beaten down by this challenge, had trouble with it and ended up in the elimination group along with Jenelle and Nick. I think Jenelle echoed my thoughts exactly about her when she said, “I’m, like, so inconsistent.”

For the elimination challenge, the winning group (Cody, Michael, Mochi and Miguel) stomped with trashcan lids, while the elimination group stomped with brooms (Jenelle: “I use vacuums”). One thing I did like about this challenge was that the Stomp cast members performed along with the contestants. They still had to stand on their own, but it made the rhythms and kinetic qualities work much better. I thought it was an entertaining episode but it didn’t excite me in the way that last week’s did. Miguel was the natural winner for this challenge, with his rhythmic abilities, style, and edginess giving him an advantage.

Tovah’s elimination was inevitable– there has been nothing so far that has showcased her technical ability. I fear that Oscar will have the same fate if they continue along this path. I’m sorry we won’t get to see what Tovah was capable of. I really thought she’d stay in it longer.

Another gripe I have is with the winning/elimination groups. What is the point of giving the prior episode’s winner immunity if you are going to give half of the rest of the contestants immunity anyway once the groupings have been established? It takes a lot of the joy and surprise out of the competition; the judges basically had no choice but to eliminate Tovah given their options.

One more thing I have to say is the Elizabeth Berkeley needs to lay off the bronzer. The quantity of makeup she wears is ridiculous and does nothing to play down her bony, flesh-free face. I am looking for more personality and uniqueness from the judges. Elizabeth is kind of blah, Jerry has nothing on Tim Gunn, and I don’t even remember who the other two people are or what they’re like, they’re so bland…

Please, SIUAD, redeem yourself once again in episode 5! Word on the street is it’s Broadway next, so I’m hopeful!

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