My world shrank a little when my journalist friend Sadie messaged me on Facebook a few weeks ago, “I am interviewing your friend Boris for a story I’m writing. How do you know him?” The friend in question was my dance blogosphere buddy Boris Willis of Dance a Day fame, and who she must have noticed on my Facebook friends list.

The article, a profile of DC’s Shaw neighborhood features Boris and other residents (including an 81 year old woman who was a dancer during the U Street entertainment heyday under the stage name “The Body”), giving some nice background and a community context to his Dance a Day project. Congratulations, Boris and Sadie!

An interesting factoid is that Shaw is allegedly DC’s “bloggiest neighborhood,” with an interesting array of online perspectives. Another Shaw blog mentioned in the article is Treebox Vodka, which despite its intriguing name is about cleaning up trash in the neighborhood. With the blogosphere being as vast as it is, I love the idea of envisioning it in terms of bloggers’ physical proximity, rather than just by topic. I have always thought of my online community in terms of those that write about dance, but Sadie’s article has inspired me to tap into blogs in my area.